Sie haben mir dreimal Haus und Existenz umgeworfen, mich von jedem Einstigen und Vergangenen gelöst und mit ihrer dramatischen Vehemenz ins Leere geschleudert, in das mir schon wohlbekannte „Ich weiß nicht wohin“. Aber ich beklage mich nicht; gerade der Heimatlose wird in einem neuen Sinne frei, und nur der mit nichts Verbundene braucht auf nichts mehr Rücksicht zu nehmen. So hoffe ich wenigstens eine Hauptbedingung jeder rechtschaffenen Zeitdarstellung erfüllen zu können: Aufrichtigkeit und Unbefangenheit.

Quelle: Stefan Zweig, Die Welt von Gestern. Erinnerungen eines Europäers, Anaconda Verlag 2013, S. 9f.

Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012

Family Justice isn’t Spam………..!

After much deliberation I first ventured into Family Justice reform without really wanting to become a campaigner, and my wife certainly did not advocate such a move. Towards the end of 2003 I saw a Fathers for Justice protester dressed as Spiderman firing fireworks off a crane near Tower Bridge in London.I wondered if his protest showed him up as a good parent and like many who have never set foot in Family court offered him little sympathy. One year later and having spent from March to October 2004 in Family Court this guy was to win my full support !   
One Wednesday I was shopping in Sainsbury’s for that evenings meal as it was a contact evening with my children, when my mobile phone went and the police invited me to attend the police station, when I explained what I was doing they said unless I came now they would come to arrest me, so I made a bee line and in fact was chased down the road to the station by a police car as they thought I was driving erratically. When I entered the station the cop said I want a word with you. I explained I had been summoned to attend and as an HGV driver was probably a better driver then him, he raised his hands and backed off leaving me to face false accusations of harassment! Having then been taken to a second station that had recording equipment I protested saying I had to be back by 3pm to collect my kids and my shopping was melting in the car, they said they did not care but insisted on questioning me for some time before retuning me to my car enabling me to collect my children in the nick ( sorry for the pun) of time and much to the surprise of the mother who clearly thought I would be detained. I was asked by one of my children to move a table from her front garden, which I informed the police and they said she should not accuse me of harassment then try to lure me into a compromised situation, although he did go on to say if she complained again they would arrest me. ( The police use the law designed to protect celebrities from stalkers, and has no place in domestic /civil matters such as this!) I went on to have as pleasant an evening as possible with my sons!
 Some time later I considered where to start in my campaign and as an avid listener to BBC Radio 4 at that time decided to start my attack on ‘Woman’s Hour’ and so typed the shows title into my PC to begin an email, I wrote nothing more when there was a knock at my door , the police! I thought it was a routine or even social visit but no they had come to arrest me for harassment again . My ex had changed the terms of contact which meant I had collected and returned my children via school so as to avoid conflict with her, she had this amended so I had to collect them from the green opposite the former family home so bringing me into view each time and I had also taken on a flat close by so I could attend contact and home my children at the assigned times. I spent 10 hours at the police station explaining I was only adhering to court orders and had no reason to harass the children’s mother but just to enjoy time with them.  I was charged and faced 4 Court visits over the next 3 months only to be told I had no case to answer and included my ex saying I was an alcoholic, Don’t think the supermarkets would have allowed me to drive their 40 ton trucks if that had been the case ( Hertfordshire police were going through a quiet time then so where ready to pounce on soft targets)
I returned to my PC ever more determined to get the truth out there and as well as an e-mail I contributed to the Woman’s Hour message board where I first used the name Daveyone. before long they regarded my posts as spam so blocked me but out of devilment more then determination I reapplied and changed the letters round in Daveyone 14 times before the BBC gave up and closed the board a modest victory for me I thought.
I next tried the Daily Mail but although they seemed like a campaigning paper. as it was I who started it this too constituted spam and with fewer name changes I gave up here, Ironic therefore in the past few month they have a ‘No secret courts’ campaign but alas not directed at the corrupt family court I was trying to raise awareness about. I went international initially to investigate where Family Law was administered better, so Australia was my first port of call and although I soon learned that whilst Oz courts were a little more open then in the UK, they were far from ideal and then again I was blocked for spam! Next I thought the land of the free, and we the people and all that so set about questioning the people of the United States coast to coast ( and Hawaii) via Topix and at the time of the Baby P tragedy in the UK I was learning just how poor the CPS was in the US then, you guessed it NO to Davey there too.I thought about Canada as I had heard it was at its worse here but I was researching Erin Pizzey at the time which led me to a more general and welcoming site where I made contact with a number of Canadians and even New Zealand & South Africa I found was not free of family law injustice!
This past week Frederick Forsyth wrote an excellent article in the Daily Express relating to the Leveson enquiry and was about to offer my 4 penny worth on their have your say section and ask who judges the judges, and guess what Daveyone has breached the rules so has no access to comment so much for free speech and the Soviet Britain we faced under Brown seems to have returned via our DWP minister The Rt Hon Iain Duncan-Smith MP !

……………………….It is a Worldwide Conspiracy!

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